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  1. Is education all about the 3 R’s?

    It is difficult not to think that education these days is all about reading, writing and mathematics. Martha Nussbaum in her book “Not for Profit – Why Democracy needs the Humanities” (Princetown University Press) says “We must resist efforts to reduce education to a tool of the gross domestic product…rather it should be to teach students to think critically and to become knowledgeable and empathetic citizens.” Here Here!!

  2. 100% of the future…

    Great to hear Bringing up Britain today on Radio 4 discussing the importance and role of Critical Thinking and Philosophical Enquiry in schools.

    This is a lovely quote from Nicky Cox on the programme: “Children are 27% of the world’s people, but 100% of the future”

    So true… more of this please!!

    If you missed it click here for the link



  3. Brain Awareness


    This week is International Brain Awareness week… there are lots of fascinating lectures and events around the country. Here are a few of the lecture titles that we think children would love to discuss in a p4c session!

    What makes the human brain different?

    Are animals creative thinkers?

    Why can’t we tickle ourselves?

    Let’s think about thinking!