Archive: Sep 2010

  1. Thinking really hard

    It was very exciting to work with a school that has a strong mission to get all its children thinking really hard! The staff at Swaffham Infant School are a dedicated group who are keen to give their children time to listen, reflect and respond. During the first session we talked briefly about the history of P4C – particularly looking at examples of how easy it is to dismiss children’s thoughts and ideas without really pursuing them.

    Later in our experiential session we talked about how modern living can have a negative impact on exploration. One member of staff wrote to us and said,

    “I just wanted to say a big thank you for the training you gave today at Swaffham Infant School. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found the whole concept fascinating. I really do hope that all schools will start using philosophy for children, for all ages. I think it would benefit young people immensely.
    Thank you again for a truly interesting training session.”