Archive: Feb 2013

  1. Croc and Bird

    We are often asked for suggestions for books to use for philosophy with children. There are so many! Often it is not necessary to go out and buy special books there will no doubt be several in the classroom that are suitable.

    Having said that, one book we have used several times recently is Croc and Bird by Alexis Deacon ISBN987-0-091-89332-3 and published by Hutchinson. A thought provoking story of a crocodile and a bird hatching together and living together until the time they come across other crocodiles and birds – then they realise their differences. Do give it a try!

  2. Couldn’t be bettered!


    Barbara thinking hard with help of Year 1 children


    What a great way to spend a morning! We were back in the classroom with years R to 2 demonstrating activities which encourage young children to engage with deep thinking. We had a lovely time with children discussing and offering their ideas, they very quickly grasped the importance of using the word BECAUSE to explain their reasoning. We were made very welcome by the staff in this North Norfolk school and had a good discussion over lunch about this way of working and exploring ways to push the children on further.

    Here is some of the feedback from this session:

    “Couldn’t be bettered… for me it was immensely useful.”

    “I found the session fascinating – the level of thinking of the children surprised me.”

    “It was good to see children offering their ideas, especially some of the quieter children.”