Archive: Nov 2012

  1. What will the children be put through?

    Following our trip to Gateshead we travelled to London to work with a school in Islington. The staff were very welcoming and we had a great morning exploring philosophical ideas. Feed back was very positive – in response to our question “Was the session useful, if so how?” here are three replies:

    “Yes indeed, you gave us plenty of information but also plenty of time to think for ourselves and understand the value of this for the children.”

    “Yes, it resulted in some really deep self reflection of my teaching (and self!) which has helped me to focus on areas for self development. Very interesting ideas and strategies for dealing with possible situations.”

    “It was very useful because it formed a coherent whole, linking theory to practice as well as demonstrating how a session actually works, so that we can see what the children will be put through.”

  2. Free Thinking!

    We were delighted to work with The BBC at the weekend. The Free Thinking Festival at The Sage in Gateshead took place over three days with inspiring and thought provoking speakers such as authors Philippa Gregory and Amos Oz, presenters Andrew Marr and Samira Ahmed, academics from Oxford, Cambridge and Essex universities – an amazing three days of debate, new ideas and challenging thoughts. On Saturday Philosophy4Children ran two family sessions which we thoroughly enjoyed and the feedback from participants shows they enjoyed it as well. “The two leaders were clear and welcoming… they made us feel safe so that we could share our ideas and thoughts.”  Another response was “Thought provoking, delivered well in an inclusive of all manner, stimulating!”  and “A brilliant starting point for my seven year old daughter, thank you.”  Highlights of the Free Thinking Festival are being broadcast at 10pm each evening this week – do try to listen!