Archive: May 2009

  1. No half term break.

    No half term break for Philosophy4Children! Dot and I have had a busy half term planning for our next events.

    June starts with a full day in a Great Yarmouth school. We are looking forward to this very much. Both of us find the most rewarding part of our work is when we are able to introduce philosophy directly to children, so a whole morning working with children throughout the school will be a delight. The afternoon will be spent reviewing and planning the next steps with their teachers.

    The following day we have an introductory session with headteachers in the south Norfolk, north Suffolk area. By the end of this session participants should have the skills to deliver a philosophical enquiry with their children. As a backup to the session, there is a pack to buy.

  2. Different settings

    Barbara and I have enjoyed two very interesting sessions in school, one in Gt Yarmouth and one north of Norwich. Very different settings but alike in wanting to give their children an exciting and challenging approach to learning. We get very excited going into school and working with different adults and children. Our bookings seem quite full at the moment and we are already planning our next series of meetings. We are holding a free introductory session at Harleston Primary on June 2nd at 3pm and look forward to bringing philosophy4children to them.