Archive: May 2012

  1. That’s philosophy for you!

    ” It was very reassuring to know that both presenters had taught philosophy in their role as teachers. The benefit of this came across in their presentation.” This comment is from one teacher at the last school we visited.

    The training we deliver in schools is experiential and intended to challenge the thinking of those taking part. This comment from the last training session expresses this: “I thought the presentation was very informative and entertaining. The content was interesting and thought provoking – which I wasn’t expecting”

    Well, that’s philosophy for you!

  2. The act of thinking

    Barbara and I were delighted to be asked to write another article for Primary Teacher Update. Our second article has appeared in the May issue and is entitled The Act of Thinking. In this article we explore the possibility that children’s thoughts can actually be seen in action! Thinking is not a passive activity – ideas and thought are flying around all the time. They change and develop – they are changed by what we see, what we do, what we feel and by the interactions that we make with others’ thoughts and ideas. It is an exciting process and so should learning be. We believe that Philosophy4Children can stimulate this process and lead to exciting and dynamic thinking and learning!