Archive: Nov 2014

  1. Understanding how the children feel.

    Our method of training teachers in using philosophy for children is very practical. Staff gain experience of the games and activities which are used to get children thinking, they also take part in an enquiry. This gives an invaluable insight into how a p4c session feels and this was picked up by several of the staff at the Norfolk school we have been working with recently:

    ” Really good to have a go at an investigation to understand how the children might feel.”

    “Excellent! Very useful to go through a P4C lesson as the children would in order to feel what they do.”

    “To feel how the children will feel is important.”

  2. Life, the universe and everything!

    We had a very enjoyable morning at the University of East Anglia – meeting with the thinkers and planners! We are planning an exciting day with the Philosophy department in the Spring of 2015 – using Philosophy4Children as a method of introducing the idea of using philosophy from the cradle to the grave! We know young children can become hooked into using higher-order thinking at an early stage, in their approach to life, the universe and everything, and we want to encourage its use in depth through school and then at university.