Archive: Oct 2009

  1. Philosophy4children assemblies – an update

    Having submitted our first assembly draft to the publishing company, the feedback was very encouraging. We have been asked to put forward a more formal proposal for consideration at their next editorial meeting. If this is accepted our work will begin in ernest!
    In the meantime, Dot has tried one of our assemblies in a Norfolk primary school and it went down very well with the children. Dot saw lots of evidence of deep thinking amongst the children and possibilities for further development.

  2. Brilliant feedback

    This enthusiastic feedback has been supplied by the head teacher of a school that we worked with recently. He has given us permission to use it in our blog!

    “Every KS1 class has had structured P4C since the training and I think staff and children are learning a lot! As ever, the better we seem able to deliver (whether the story works better or engages the children) the better the children respond.  I had my best session last week where the children (Y1-2 class) were really engaged.

    “The children were a Y2 class and two comments amazed me.

    “One child said… ‘I think I agree with Sarah now…’ which was brilliant. We briefly stopped and discussed what it means if you say that (the now being so significant). I was thrilled as it suggests an open minded approach – it was also a boy who took on a girl’s viewpoint which I thought was interesting.

    “Another child later said something along the lines of ‘I’ve been thinking about what James said and I agree with him’ which again shows that children can reflect! This is after six sessions – I can’t wait to find out what it will be like for Y2 next year after having had a year doing it in Y1.”

    We are absolutely delighted and look forward to seeing just how far the children will have progressed in their thinking by next year too!