Archive: Sep 2013

  1. 10/10 …

    We are all familiar with marking children’s work – the tables were turned the other day when we were marked out of 10!

    Here are some comments about our style of presentation from the staff group we worked with:

    “10/10 – clear and very progressive in approach.”

    “Engaging presentation and range of activities, clear and to the point.”

    “It was concise and easy to follow. It was very informative and practical.”


  2. Book your place!

    Here’s an early opportunity to book your place on our exciting weekend residential training exploring philosophy for children in depth.

    Have a look at our training page  for times, costs etc – here’s the link if you want to send it on to a friend

    This will be a wonderful chance to immerse yourself in philosophy as well as to relax in the wonderful house and surroundings of Ringsfield Hall, Suffolk – have a look

  3. Passionate about philosophy

    We are both passionate about philosophy for children!

    It is this passion, which comes from our first hand experience of using p4c for many years in school, that takes us all over the country delivering training and demonstration lessons. Our enthusiasm clearly comes through in our training as these two comments from a school in Middlesbrough show:

    “A lovely presentation style from two people who are clearly very passionate about p4c and about educating children.”

    “Super knowledge and clear passion for the topic.”