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  1. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

    If we want to change the world, then – as Confucius says – we need to” educate the children”. But education is more than learning facts. Schools regularly face spiritual, moral, social and cultural dilemmas that need to be addressed. philosophy4children gives children an exciting but safe place in which to do this – a place where they can let their thoughts and ideas fly, and begin to explore the the big issues in life, such as the nature of God. In this place children are not afraid to get the answers wrong – because there are no right ones. Any answers they give are respected and taken seriously.

    This is part of an article that we wrote and it appeared in Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development: a Christian perspective see

  2. I disagree with myself now!

    When children are engaged in a philosophical enquiry you will often hear words like “I think I disagree with myself now.” This demonstrates they have been through a process where they have had an idea, shared it, listened to other’s thoughts and have been persuaded someone else’s idea has value. Children are so much more open to changing their minds than many adults are – one example where we, as teachers, can learn from our children.