Archive: Apr 2013

  1. Spot on!

    “Spot on! Clear and well presented. The enquiry was useful, taking part rather than just hearing about what it was like. ¬†Excellent. Thank you.”

    This was one of the comments from our session today in a North Norfolk junior school. A¬†couple of years ago we had worked with teachers in the infant school and philosophy is now well established in the early years, it’s exciting to think that from now on, in this school, children will be enquiring throughout their primary schooling.

    A final word from another participant “Excellent. Good, quality teaching. Full of inspirational topics for discussion. Fabulous!”

  2. Close to home

    Spring finally feels as if it has arrived and the term started for us with a visit to a cluster of Norfolk schools – all wanting to introduce philosophy into their classrooms. We were made to feel very welcome at the host school and, during the training, had lots of animated discussion and a very interesting philosophical enquiry exploring the nature of happiness and satisfaction.

    Our work takes us all over the country, however our next training session is in another Norfolk school – what a luxury to be able to work so close to home!