Archive: Mar 2011

  1. No-one knows!!

    See what this group of Y3 and Y4 children have to say. They started with the question Why Do We Exist? This is a tiny piece of a fascinating enquriy!

    Lydia: People say the first people were cave men, but they were just normal people – cave men are nothing to do with why we are alive.

    Jack: I disagree with you Lydia. If cavemen aren’t anything to do with us…

    Lydia: What I mean is they weren’t the first people in the world. No-one knows who was the first.

    Kara: Well, most people think Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. But, no-one knows for sure.

    Emily: But Kara, to know whether Adam and Eve were the first, we have to know how they were created.

    Lydia: But how can we find out? Books weren’t written then.

    Kara: People in the future might be able to find out, but we never will.

  2. Food for thought

    “Many thanks for yesterday. I thought it went very well and has given us much food for thought.” This is the response from our latest training session. On Monday Philsophy4Children returned to London to work with a great group of teachers in Eltham. We had a very stimulating philosophical enquiry using the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (ISBN 0-060256626). This book is excellent as it always raises a variety of issues. Monday was no exception. We explored whether humans are misusing the planet; what the nature of giving is; the existence (or not) of God; the concept of Mother Nature plus much more. Indeed, a lot of food for thought!