Archive: Jul 2014

  1. Philosophy involved in school celebration

    During a celebration evening at Little Plumstead Church of England Primary School, hosted by the governors, parents were introduced to some of the work that their children are doing with Philosophy4Children. Quotes from the children involved in the P4C work created  discussion and admiration from the parents who were there. One Year Four boy said that ideas are like bubbles that stay in your head and then burst at just the right moment. Another child commented on the fact that she enjoyed not always having to agree with her best friend. The quote that received a wry smile was the one in which a child said that he liked philosophy because “you don’t have to be tested in it”!

    Here are some pictures from the evening. They show parents looking at the Philosophy4Children stand.

    IMG_1223 IMG_1226

  2. Enquiry approach receives “Outstanding”

    One of our schools using the enquiry approach to teaching and learning has received an Outstanding grade from Ofsted. Many years ago we presented an introduction to Philosophy for Children to Forncett St Peter Church of England Primary School. They went on to use this approach right across the curriculum and were rewarded by being awarded Outstanding by the Ofsted inspector. The lead inspector said that the school  was a place where pupils loved to learn and where “they find lessons inspirational”!  We are absolutely delighted at Philosophy4Children and send our warmest congratulations.