Archive: Apr 2016

  1. Thanks for such inspiring input

    “It was a really good session – the staff are still buzzing about it. We’ve got a follow up meeting on Monday to talk about how we put it into practice now. Thanks for such inspiring input.”

    This comment is from the head at the latest school we worked with. We had a great morning with a very enthusiastic staff group. Here are some more comments:

    • clear focus
    • presenters had a nice, easy going manner
    • useful ideas
    • could see the benefits of activities in all areas of the curriculum
    • very do-able straightforward activities to use with whole class and small groups
    • packed a lot into a short time
    • gave a brilliant introduction to the concept
    • staff enthused and raring to go
  2. Impacting on the whole school culture…

    Here’s an extract from a lovely email from the head teacher who hosted, and was inspired by, the training event on Monday:

    I just wanted to say a big thank you from the staff at The Hills. My staff really enjoyed the session you delivered on Monday and are already planning and scheming how to build things into the curriculum. We had a fantastic professional discussion in the afternoon which has led to some innovative thinking from teaching staff – hopefully this will impact on the whole school culture.

  3. Kick starting philosophy

    Three schools brought together nearly 50 staff members for an Inset training day on Monday to kick start philosophy in the classroom.

    With a large group we start the day with everyone working together which can get noisy at times! Later we break into smaller groups for practical work. Here is what one headteacher commented:
    “Fantastic, spot on. Excellent activities. Fantastic, will certainly be incorporating into whole school.”

    Other teachers commented: “Totally appropriate and really showed us how we could use philosophy in the classroom. Very useful. I am looking forward to seeing P4C in my school.”

    “Very informative, excellent ideas given. A safe learning environment, great warm up ideas for the session and eye opener to how this can be used in the classroom…”