Archive: Jan 2013

  1. Many ways of working…

    Our training is always tailored to the needs of each school we visit.

    If your school has a particular focus we will include this in our planning. We will fit the training around the time you have available. This last week has demonstrated this last point well – we spent a whole day in one school, spent the afternoon in another where we are delivering basic training in three sessions spread over a term and a third school in which we covered the basics in two hours!

    So, whatever the needs of your school are we will endeavour to meet them in the training we deliver.

    One of the comments from this week: “It was fun and lively. Felt involved but not put on the spot. I was made to feel secure to have some input.”


  2. A busy start to 2013

    New terms and Inset days are always busy times for us – we get booked up well in advance!

    Yesterday was no exception. We spent the day working with staff  in a school in Kingswinford, near Birmingham, introducing philosophy to the staff, looking at the skills it develops and ways to implement it with different ages. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and this is some of the feedback

    Presentation: Very good. It was clear and at a pace that gave me time to think and reflect myself – something we have precious little time to do!

    Content: Excellent content. We were given the background and a really clear structure to use with our class. It was packed with ideas which had been used, great to see results that had been tried and tested.

    Was the session useful? It was very useful and I found some great techniques and areas to develop when in the classroom.  I will be able to use what I have learnt today in my own lessons, encouraging the children to be confident in their own opinions and respectful of others.