Archive: Tue Sep 2015

  1. Feedback

    We work very hard at the planning stage to ensure our training sessions are tailored to the needs of each school we work with and we really value the comments from staff at the end of the training day.  Our feedback forms ask for comments on presentation, content and how useful the session was. We had an inspiring day with a delightful group of teachers in Northamptonshire and here are some of their comments:


    Excellent. Felt at ease and enthused by the way it was delivered.

    Absolutely fantastic! Very engaging and well balanced with discussions and activities.

    Very professional, thought provoking and inclusive (it’s rare that I am fully engaged for a full day!)


    Very inspiring and exciting.

    Excellent. Practical ideas, the “reality”, and what not to do. Can’t wait to try it out!

    Accessible and good variety.

    Was the session useful?

    Very much so. I think it could change our school massively, show the children how thinking can be fun and help them express and understand themselves and each other.

    Yes. Pitched perfectly and demonstrated well. I can see this working brilliantly in our school and feel that I should always have been doing it!

    Very much so. It gave me lots of ideas and information all of which are useable in the classroom (and at home). I thoroughly enjoyed today – thank you!