Archive: Thu Jan 2014

  1. Starting the term in Stowmarket

    It is great to start a new term working with a big group of enthusiastic and thoughtful philosophers! That is exactly what happened on the training day in Stowmarket, Suffolk at the start of year. Two schools joined together for a training day, with a range of experience from those new to philosophy to some with many years of using this approach. For us, the enquiry is always the highlight of training days – Monday was no exception – one enquiry explored the nature of love and what unconditional love means, the second discussed the issue of family and the nature of “family”.

    “A very informative day. The ideas and active sessions supported our background knowledge and inspired us to dig deeper in our practice”

    “Well organised. Excellent content – took us through the whole process of a philosophy lesson and the thought processes behind it.”

    “Good, clear presentation with ┬ámany useful tips and suggestions. Very interesting, made me think!”