No-one knows!!

See what this group of Y3 and Y4 children have to say. They started with the question Why Do We Exist? This is a tiny piece of a fascinating enquriy!

Lydia: People say the first people were cave men, but they were just normal people – cave men are nothing to do with why we are alive.

Jack: I disagree with you Lydia. If cavemen aren’t anything to do with us…

Lydia: What I mean is they weren’t the first people in the world. No-one knows who was the first.

Kara: Well, most people think Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. But, no-one knows for sure.

Emily: But Kara, to know whether Adam and Eve were the first, we have to know how they were created.

Lydia: But how can we find out? Books weren’t written then.

Kara: People in the future might be able to find out, but we never will.