Archive: 2010

  1. School Of Creativity Conference June 18th, 2010

    Move forward button on our calendar to June to find out more about the exciting conference taking place at Barnham Broom with the School of Creativity. The day will be led by well-known speakers Chris Watkins and Luke Abbott. Not only will there be opportunities to learn about the inquiry curriculum, but also a chance to speak to children from a school who are using the Mantle of the Expert approach to learning. Should be an exciting and rewarding day.

    Delegates should sign up for the conference by emailing

  2. A day in the classroom.

    Following the staff training we did at the school in Norwich, we returned a week later to carry out demonstration philosophy4children lessons throughout the school. Dot and I were delighted to find that some teachers, during the week between our visits, had run a philosophical enquiry with their classes!

    We had a great day in the eight classes (Years 3 to 6). Children, teachers and support staff were all very enthusiastic, here are some of the staff comments:

    “It allowed me to see a teachable structure with a class, how time needs to be given for pupils to formulate their answers, how children respond to each other and their ideas.”

    “Excellent modelling of flow of a session. It allowed me to pay attention to the class and listen to their ideas.”

    “Clear expectations set out to the children. I liked the content and the re-focusing techniques and questions”

    “It helped children to think about their behaviour and how they should talk to each other.”

  3. A busy start to the term!

    It has been a vey busy start to the term for Philosophy4Children with more and more schools asking for training in how to use and develop philosophy with their children. Monday saw us working in a large junior school in Norwich with a very enthusiastic staff group. We are looking forward vey much to going back next week and spending the whole day working with the children.

  4. Training in the snow.

    On a snowy morning in North Norfolk we had an
    excellent session working with a large group of enthusiastic primary school
    teachers and teaching assistants. Once we had the technology working everything
    went well! The focus of the training was looking at the way in which
    Philosophy4Children can be utilised to improve children’s writing. It was
    excellent to revisit this work, as it formed part of the action research that
    Barbara and I had undertaken for the Thinking Schools, Thinking Children
    project initiated by Norfolk Local Education Authority. The staff were not
    short of ideas which ranged from diary writing to hot seating and play scripts.