A day in the classroom.

Following the staff training we did at the school in Norwich, we returned a week later to carry out demonstration philosophy4children lessons throughout the school. Dot and I were delighted to find that some teachers, during the week between our visits, had run a philosophical enquiry with their classes!

We had a great day in the eight classes (Years 3 to 6). Children, teachers and support staff were all very enthusiastic, here are some of the staff comments:

“It allowed me to see a teachable structure with a class, how time needs to be given for pupils to formulate their answers, how children respond to each other and their ideas.”

“Excellent modelling of flow of a session. It allowed me to pay attention to the class and listen to their ideas.”

“Clear expectations set out to the children. I liked the content and the re-focusing techniques and questions”

“It helped children to think about their behaviour and how they should talk to each other.”