Archive: Sun Oct 2009

  1. Brilliant feedback

    This enthusiastic feedback has been supplied by the head teacher of a school that we worked with recently. He has given us permission to use it in our blog!

    “Every KS1 class has had structured P4C since the training and I think staff and children are learning a lot! As ever, the better we seem able to deliver (whether the story works better or engages the children) the better the children respond.  I had my best session last week where the children (Y1-2 class) were really engaged.

    “The children were a Y2 class and two comments amazed me.

    “One child said… ‘I think I agree with Sarah now…’ which was brilliant. We briefly stopped and discussed what it means if you say that (the now being so significant). I was thrilled as it suggests an open minded approach – it was also a boy who took on a girl’s viewpoint which I thought was interesting.

    “Another child later said something along the lines of ‘I’ve been thinking about what James said and I agree with him’ which again shows that children can reflect! This is after six sessions – I can’t wait to find out what it will be like for Y2 next year after having had a year doing it in Y1.”

    We are absolutely delighted and look forward to seeing just how far the children will have progressed in their thinking by next year too!