Archive: Tue Jan 2009

  1. Book Review: Philosophy With Young Children – a Classroom Handbook by Philip Cam et al

    Philosophy With Young Children – a Classroom Handbook by Philip Cam et al
    ISBN 978-1-875864-56
    Published by ACSA (Australian Curriculm Studies Association)

    It is wonderfully refreshing and exciting to know that around the world children are engaged with philosophical enquiry. In Buranda State Primary School in Australia philosophy underpins the whole school ethos. From their commitment has come this excellent book packed full of ideas and practical work.

    The book is structured and clearly set out in three section. The first looks at the discipline of philosophy and what philosophy means for children. The next section recommends 12 books suitable for philosophy in a primary school and looks in detail at focus themes, with activities to develop children’s skills. Finally there is more practical work to elicit good questions and encourage conceptual understanding.

    The ideas and ways of working with children outlined in this book are entirely in line with the way we work at Philosophy4children. Commitment to developing children’s critical thinking and exploring issues and ideas at a very deep level is the core of philosophical enquiry.

    There is one huge problem however – as it is published in Australia, the book does not appear to be available yet in the UK or on Amazon. But keep an eye out for it when it is finally available.