Archive: Thu Feb 2015

  1. On the road again!

    Philosophy4Children were on the road once more. On Tuesday we went back to the school in Canterbury that we had visited in November. The staff were full of information about the impact that philosophy had had on their children. They said that the children had been enjoying the approach very much. One said that her small children in reception had loved the language and saying the sentence “I agree with John because…..” and then forgot the rest of the sentence! The staff were very enthusiastic and were receptive and keen to move on philosophically. We explored the development of games – how you can get more from them; we looked for links in questions and we considered the way in which the facilitator could be more effective when working with a group. It was a very happy and excited group and we left feeling very buoyed up by the experience. It was a long trek back to Norfolk for an early start the next day to continue the filming of the class that we have been working with for the last three terms. Very rewarding results though. The class teacher said, “It is obvious children are getting better at listening to each other – there is more awareness of others’ ideas within the group.” This has to be the best job in the world!