I wasn’t sure … I am now!

“I was not sure about the “wee” ones (year 3) being capable of embracing philosophy, but I am now!” This was one of the comments from a teacher following an INSET day in North Norfolk last week.

It is always exciting to see Philosophy4Children embraced with enthusiasm. This was certainly the case when we worked with staff at Beeston Hall School. Our training is experiential and gives everyone a chance to take part in a philosophical enquiry – to experience what the children will experience, what better way to learn!

Here are a few other comments following the session:

“It allows for deeper thinking and reflection for all…”

“I can see how it helps to develop a culture of no right / wrong way and of respecting others’ opinions”

“It helped me to think more widely and I could see how it would help the children too. Not too much to listen to and plenty of time for input and thinking.”

It was a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic group of teachers. I’m sure children at Beeston Hall will have an exciting time with philosophy over the years to come!