Archive: Tue Oct 2010

  1. Gifted and Talented workshop

    After working in a summer school for gifted and talented pupils in a Suffolk High School we received some encouraging feedback – particularly from the pupils. One year 6 girl said: “The philosophy session today was really interesting because it made me think more than usual about every-day life, about all the opportunities there are to stretch myself and think about something I haven’t thought about before.” One of the teachers said that it made the students stop and think more deeply about the topics we introduced and “it was interesting to see how they dealt with questions that have no right answers”. The Assistant Headteacher was so impressed with the way in which the pupils had responded to the challenging questioning that she is considering how it can be successfully incorporated into the school curriculum.

    The school also rated the content as “excellent”. For presentation the assistant headteacher wrote: “Professional delivery in a manner that both encouraged and engaged our students.” It was a very enjoyable experience for us too.