Archive: Tue Jun 2010

  1. Philosphy4Children moving on

    A very exciting, and excitable, group of teachers met at Woodside Infant and Nursery School in Hethersett last week. They have been pioneers in using philosophy for children in the classroom and wanted to see how that could move their children on into even deeper thinking. Philosophy4Children were able to help! We looked at the art of questioning itself and considered the tools that the facilitator needs to do this successfully. We also considered the nature of the questions themselves – how children’s open imaginative questions can move into the philosophical. We looked at the way in which children’s questions can cover all aspects of philosophical thought. Their questions range from the ethical (right and wrong) right through the social and political (rights and laws) spectrum to the epistemological (does science give us the right answers?) through to aesthetics and logic. We had a good session and staff seemed fired up to move on to the next level!!