Archive: Fri Feb 2009

  1. Excited about learning!

    Barbara and I have just come back from spending two wonderful days with the staff and children at Terrington St Clement’s School. We worked with all the children – including those in the Nursery – a real challenge for us! All the children showed just how well they can listen to each other for long periods of time. Many demonstrated how deep their thinking is. After reading Six Dinner Sid, they eventually came up with some BIG questions on the nature of love, friendship and feelings. The staff encouraged us by their enthusiasm and involvement. The head teacher’s comments have given us a real boost!

    “The staff are still buzzing about the philosophy even in Year 1/2, where the children have taken the discussion into adult on child bullying and inapproproate behaviour (violence) in adults.

    “The painting is beginning to cause quite a stir in Y6 because one child said it represented heaven. A whole host of ideas then came about who the characters are and whether they were candidates for heaven etc. As you may tell, I am also buzzing. I am loving it.The owl poem, did I tell you? A group of Y6 children came out with a lighthouse which is amazing…it is more like a lighthouse than an owl!” Liz Hackett
    This is what it is all about – children and teachers excited about learning!!